Khadi & Village Industries


West Bengal Khadi & Village Industries Board (WB-KVIB)
(Under the Department of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises and Textiles, Govt. of West Bengal)

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Introduction : West Bengal Khadi & Village Industries Board (Under the Department of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises and Textiles, Govt. of West Bengal) has undertaken different project on Cluster Development with a holistic approach towards developing the life of traditional craftsmen and also to enhance the livelihoods of the Khadi Weavers, Khadi Spinners, Village Industries’ Artisans, Village Crafts Making Artisans.
Dokra Crafts at Bikna, Terracota Crafts at Panchmura, Stone Carving & Cutting at Susunia, Dheki Process Rice Making at Dalpur, Sal Leaf Palte at Junglemahal Blocks, Sabai Crafts Making at Junglemahal Blocks, Muslin Project at Sonamukhi, Silk Khadi Project at Bishnupur & Sonamukhi etc. are the Important Clusters for enhancing the livelihoods of the artisans. WBKVIB organises different types of Khadi & V.I. Fair (Mela) for sales and promotion of the Khadi & V.I. Products of the artisans. WBKVIB provides subsidised Bank Loan for setting up Industries (up to Rs. 25 Lakh) through PMEGP Programme and also provides Skill Development Training, Tools, Machines, Revolving Fund to the artisans for their development.


Cluster Development Projects

SL. No Name of the Cluster No Location Project Cost No. of Beneficiary Agency
1 Dokra Crafts 1 Vill-Bikna, Bankura-II Rs.118.55 Lakh 360 Nos. WB-KVIB
2  Terracota Crafts   Vill-Panchmura,Taldangra Rs.64.00 Lakh 270 Nos WB-KVIB
3 Stone Carving 1 Vill-Susunia, Chhatna Rs.95.15 Lakh 380 Nos WB-KVIB
4 Muslin 1 Sonamukhi Rs.64.77 Lakh 288 Nos. WB-KVIB
5 Sa Leaf Plate Making 1 Raipur, Simlapal Rs.139.88 Lakh 3840 Nos WB-KVIB
6 Sabai Crafts 1 Ranibandh Rs.88.64 Lakh 1242 Nos WB-KVIB
7 Dheki Processed Rice 1 Vill-Dalpur, Chhatna Rs.56.00 Lakh 300 Nos. WB-KVIB
8 Khadi Weaving 1 Vill-Kenjakura, Bankura-II Rs.110.00 Lakh 700 Nos. WB-KVIB
9 Silk Khadi 1 Sonamukhi Rs.17.64 Lakh 180 Nos WB-KVIB


Benefit Distribution Programme

Sl. No. Type of Benefit No. of Beneficiary Project Cost Agency
1 Sal Leaf Plate Moulding & Stitching Machine 3840 Nos Rs.119.00 Lakh WB-KVIB
2 Sabai Crafts Making Tools 100 Nos Rs.0.85 Lakh WB-KVIB
3 Khadi Loom 252 Nos Rs.45.86 Lakh WB-KVIB
4 Khadi Spindle Wheel 45 Nos. Rs.6.75 Lakh WB-KVIB
5 Khadi Marketing Assistance (Subsidy) 280 Nos. Rs.42.00 Lakh WB-KVIB
6 Khadi Workshed 37 Nos. Rs.45.69 Lakh WB-KVIB
7 Minimum Price Support for Sal Leaf Plate Procurement (@ Rs 0.7 Per Piece Plate) 100 Nos. Rs.3.50 Lakh WB-KVIB