Bankura district is one of the districts of Medinipur Division in the Indian state of West Bengal. The district has been described as the “connecting link” between the plains of Bengal on the east and the Chota Nagpur plateau on the west. The areas to the east and north-east are low lying alluvial plains. To the west the surface gradually rises, giving way to the undulating country, interspersed with rocky hillock.

In 1879, the district acquired its present shape with the thanas of Khatra and Raipur and the outpost of Simplapal being transferred from Manbhum, and the thanas of Sonamukhi, Kotulpur and Indas being retransferred from Burdwan. However, it was known for some time as West Burdwan and in 1881 came to be known as Bankura district. The modern Bankura district took its form in 1881 and was named after its headquarters.

As one of the oldest districts, having historical and geographical significance, Bankura holds a special place in the context of West Bengal’s narrative. As a District Magistrate And District Collector, responsible for facilitating administration, in this diverse and important district, I believe, access to information is very crucial. Through this user friendly website, we hope that we can move a step ahead in bringing administration to the citizen’s doorstep. Following the dynamics of the information age of 21st century and the spirit of the Government’s objectives, this is a small endeavor to disseminate information and ease administrative process. Hence, this website, under diverse heads, hosts information which enhances knowledge of the citizens, provides details of the various administrative heads and offers various services to the citizens in a user friendly model through ‘Citizen corner’ section and tries to give latest updates on important administrative schemes and circulars, to enhance transparency.

Apropos to the above endeavor, it gives me immense satisfaction to present to all of you the revamped version of our District’s Website. I congratulate National Informatics Centre team who has put in efforts to make the website look appealing and informative and also I acknowledge the hard work and dedication of ADMs, SDOs, DMDCs, contributors for collection, compilation and presentation of facts presented in this website.

I invite all of you to make use of this website, and also request you to provide your honest feedback and suggestions to my email: in improving the functioning of this website, as we embark on enhancing e-governance in our district.

– Shri Siyad N, IAS
District Magistrate & Collector,