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Publish Date : 04/01/2022

Kangsaboti pure natural shudh deshi cow ghee



  • Bengal’s Cow Ghee is prepared from cream separated from only traditionally reared Cow by the small farmers. Cream is fermented by adding curd and finally boiled in charcoal as per old, traditional methods where no machine is used.
  • This Cow Ghee is very popular among consumers due to its unique pleasant aroma and flavour. It is may be due to the local cattle breeds and their feeding practices. We don’t use any kind of Ghee Scent for this special aroma. It is all natural. Spreading of this ghee on warm food like Rice, Dal, Khichdi, Halwa, Pulao, Chapatti and other Indian delicacies the aroma will prevail all over the kitchen or dining.
  • We also believe it to be excellent for growing kids, Power house of Vitamins and Acids that promotes good health, in lubricating Joints, and is super rich in anti-oxidants to improve body immunity, Made from Cow Milk.






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