Handloom sector have it’s vast potentiality for creating better employment opportunity play a vital role in our rural economy. Small Scale Industry specially Handloom Sector snapped it’s second position just after Agriculture. A vast people are now engaged in Handloom activity in this District. During eighth plan period emphasis was paid on Co-operativisation and development of Handlooms through modernization of looms and provision of technological inputs, ensure adequate availability of yarn an other raw materials, increased the production of mixed & blended fabric on Handlooms, Design support to improved the competitiveness of the products, improve marketing and Infrastructure support etc.

             In spite of several steps taken on behalf of the Govt., problems of adequate finance, raw-materials and marketing are still in existence.     

            Most of the Handloom weavers of this District are now engaged in traditional Products of Coarser Variety like Bed-sheet, Bed-Cover, Kachha Dhuti, Gamchha, and Furnishing Fabrics etc. and a very few weaves  are now engaged in production of eminent Silk Saree called “Baluchari”  and Swarnachuri and some other weavers are also engaged in production Silk and Tassar Thans etc.

             Mainly Baluchari Sarees are produced in Bishnupur, but recently the said Baluchari Saree are being produced at villages Panchmura and Sonamukhi. Coloured Silk Than are now being produced at village Banbirsingha at Patrasayer Block. Silk & Tassar of Sonamukhi belt are also very famous to all.  

            The main cotton products of Bankura District are Bed-Sheet, Bed-cover, Gamchha, Towel, Window & Door Curtain, Kachha Dhuti, Saree etc. of coarser variety. The said products are now being marketed locally.

             The main weavers concentrated belts are scattered in Indpur, Onda, Taldangra, Simlapal, Kotulpur Blocks, Bankura Panchayet Samity & Municipality, Bishnupur Municipality , & Sonamukhi Municipality .



1 Twenty two Handloom Development Centers and Six Quality Dyeing Units had been sanctioned for this district. These societies are running satisfactorily.
2 Five project had been sanctioned in favour of five good P.W.C.S of this district under Project Package Scheme. They have successfully implemented the scheme  as per guide lines chalked out by Govt. of India. The benefited Societies have increased more employment to their weavers and also their earnings have been up lifted to some extend
3 Six project had been sanctioned under DDHPY scheme. Project had been completed satisfactorily
4 Every year we are arranging a Tant Bastra Mela at Bankura for outlet of accumulated stocks of P.W.C.S of different district of  West Bengal. During the last year we are organized the fair – Bengali New Year Bastra Mela in the month of march.
5 A project has been sanctioned under Handloom Export Scheme for facilitating production as well as marketing of Exportable items in favour of Panchmura Tantubay Samabay Samity Ltd. Besid this, we are now emphasizing towards production of Readymade Garments like Salwar Kamiz, Churidar and other Dress materials which have a increasing market demand todays.
6 Four Handloom Cluster under Integrated Handloom Development Scheme have been sanctioned namely (i) Bishnupur Handloom Cluster & (ii) Sonamukhi Handloom Cluster (iii) Indpur Handloom Cluster (iv) Kenjakura Handloom Cluster.
7 Two Group Approach Scheme under IHDS have sanctioned namely (i) Bishnupur Hasta Tant Unnayan Group & (ii) Sonamukhi Lalbazar Handloom Unnayen Group.


Physical And Financial Target & Achievement for the year  08-2009

(Rs. in Lakh)

Sl. No. Name of the Scheme Tartet for 08-2009 Achievement 08-2009
Physical Financial Physical Financial
1 Health Insurance Scheme 10000 - 7788 -
2 M.G.B.B.Y 3000 - 1543 -
3 Old Age Pension to Handloom Weavers 170 10.20 387 18.33048
4 Handloom Export Scheme 1 3.75 1 2.4375
5 Marketing Incentive Scheme (under IHDS) 23 15.00 18 10.8787
6 Rebate (10%) 17 20.00 17 7.1025
7 District Level event Fair/ Exhibition 1 2.00 1 1.00
8 Integrated Handloom Development Scheme (Handloom Cluster) 3 40.00 4 50.275
9 Formation of Self Help Group 100 - 63 Nil
10 R.S.V.Y - - 10 4.64
11 Workshop and Awarness of Handloom Weavers 6 0.60 4 0.25
12 I.H.T.P. 1 3.2125 Nil Nil
13 Group Approach under IHDS 4 47.45 2 18.53726



Physical And Financial Target & Achievement for the year  2009-2010

(as on 30.09.2009)

(Rs. in Lakh)

Sl. No. Name of the Scheme Target for 09-2010 Achievement 09-2010
Physical Financial Physical Financial
1 Health Insurance Scheme 10000 - 7788 -
2 M.G.B.B.Y 3000 - 1543 -
3 Old Age Pension to Handloom Weavers 387 0.29025 401 20.97152
4 Handloom Export Scheme 1 2.50 Nil Nil
5 Marketing Incentive Scheme (under IHDS) 18 20.00 18 10.8787
6 Rebate (10%) 16 20.00 Nil Nil
7 District Level event Fair/ Exhibition 1 2.00 Nil Nil
8 Integrated Handloom Development Scheme (Handloom Cluster) 4 115.895 2 2.13
9 Formation of Self Help Group 100 Nil Nil Nil
10 R.S.V.Y 1 7.75 Nil Nil
11 I.H.T.P. 1 3.2125 Nil Nil
12 Group Approach under IHDS 4 28.91274 Nil Nil
13 N.R.E.G.S (a) Road Network and Land Dev. Work

(b) Plantation for S.C., S.T. (B.P.L)














Relevant information of the on-going scheme and works pertaining to Handlooms Sector


1.    Health Insurance Scheme :-

a) Eligibility Handloom Weavers and related works for age group 18-80 Years.
b) Facility i) Per policy 4 member for existing diseases

ii) Cashless treatment through listed OPD and IPD centre and Hospitals.

iii) Reimburse facility upto Rs. 15,000/- for 4 members of a family.

c) Controlling Agency  ICICI LOMBARD General Insurance Company.
d) Entry Fee Rs. 50/- per policy (per family).
e) Contact for entry Handloom Development Officer, Bankura the entry from or other information.
f) Target for 2009-10 10,000/-
g) Achievement 7788

2.    M.G.B.B.Y (Mathama Gandhi Bunkar Bima Yojana) :-

i) Eligibility Handloom Weaver for the age group of 18 to 59 years.
ii)   Every Year renewable
iii) Every Fee Rs. 80/- per member.
iv) Facility a) In case of normal death Rs. 60,000/-

b) Accidental death Rs. 1,50,000/-

c) Complete disable  Rs. 1,50,000/- due to an accident

d) Partial disable Rs. 75,000/- due to an accident.

v) Additional benefit Shiksha Sayajog Yojana for IX to XII studying 2 nos only. Stipend  for Rs. 100/- per month per student.
vi) Controlling Agency Life Insurance corporation of India.
vii) Target  for Bankura 3000
viii) Achievement 1543
ix) Contact for forms / entry Handloom Development officer, Bankura

3.    Old Age Pension to Handloom weavers :-

i) Eligibility Handloom weavers, under co-operative fold and attaining age of 60 years
ii) Benefit Pension for Rs. 750/- per month
iii) Scheme State Government funding Scheme.
v) Achivement 401
v) Target Availability of proposals.
vi) Procedure of application and availability of benefit Through concerned co-operative and subject to approval of Municipality / Gram Samsad and K.S. B.O. , A.S.S.S of concerned Panchayat Samity. Final approval from District level Co-ordination and Monitoring committee for Handlooms.

4.    District Level Event / Fair or Exhibition :-

    Organization of Handloom fairs for exhibition- Cum sale of Handloom goods. 1 or 2 in every year. A grant for 2.00 lacs  as a maximum limit is availed from Development Commissioner for Handloms G.O.I.. This year Tant Bastra Mila - held on 19.03.2009 to 28.03.2009 at Zilla Parishad Auditorium Complex.

5.    Integrated Handloom Development Scheme :-

i)  A scheme for overall development of Handloom weavers. loving in a area of 3 to 5  kilometers, and having same type of production and culture.
ii) Area having 300-500 Handlooms Weavers.
iii) Component area - S.H.G. formation , yarn depo opening, Skill-up gradation programme, Designer  appointment for new innovation , CAD/CAT Centre, Common Facility Centre, Brochure / catalogue preparation, organization of Fair / Exhibition, and Buyer-exposure visit and basic input to weavers.

Sanctioned Cluster - 4

a) Bishnupur Handloom Cluster 5000- Rs. 41.50 Lac

b) Sonamukhi Handloom Cluster  310 - Rs. 34.80 lac

c) Kenjakura Handloom Cluster 360 Rs. 45.75 lac

d) Indpur Block Handloom Cluster 380 Rs. 44.55 lac


Group Approach :

i) Scheme for the Handloom weavers remaining outside the Cluster.

ii) Benefit- Only basic input part. The members may use the other infrastructures of the nearest main cluster.

iii) Beneficiary limit - 20-100 Handloom weavers


Implementing Agency:

Handloom Development Officer, Bankura

6.     N.R.E.G.S. :- 


i) Handloom Development Officer, Bankura,  under Directorate of Textiles (Handloom Silk weaving, Spinning Mills and  Handloom base handicrafts) W.B. may implement N.R.E.G.S. Schme.

Field :- 

a) Handloom Cluster

i) All weather Road networking.

ii) Land Development work for common facility centers


b) For Individual beneficiaries (S.C/ S.T. and B.P.L. families.

i) Rain water harvesting

ii) Plantation of Fruit tree


c) Project may be processed through concerned Block/ Panchayat Samity.


d) Implementing Agency- Handloom Development Officer, Bankura.

7.    I.C.D.P. :-


i) Scheme for financial support to eligible co-operatives for creation of infrastructure and improvement of working capital base.
ii) Area- Handloom Co-operatives