The Local attraction for tourists is marvelous for various sights under the district :-

Northern Zone    : Durgapur Barrage, Gandoa Dam & Koropahar.
South Zone          : Mukutmonipur, Jhilimili, Sutan, and ECO Park at Taldangra, Talberia, Terracota Project at Panchmura etc.
Western Zone     : Susunia Hill & Beharinath Hill.
Eastern Zone      : Temples of Bishnupur, Joyrambati.


Special Features of tourist plots


Susunia hill is quite popular  as treakking spot both inside & out side of Bankura district. It is also an important tourist spot for the people who visit the place to see "Dhara" (Natural Spring) & Silialipi



Bishnupur is famous for temples with terracotta art and large water area and  there are approximately 16 temples in the Bishnupur. Most of the temples  made in the decade of  Mallaraja namely Jore Banglow, Rsmanch, Madanmohan Mandir, Shyam Roy Mandir (Panchcura) & Chhinnmasta Mandir etc.Bishnupur is famous for it own musical gharana (Classical Music) Dalmadal Kaman



Biharinath Hill is on the north of Saltora Block, tallest in the district (448 metre) stands guard on the north-western edge, a  famous place of tourism and at the foot of the hill a small tank mesuring 0.50 ha. can be accommodated with a anglins facilities for recreation of the touring people near by a temple


Joyrambati the Birth place of Sree Sree Maa Sarada Devi is a holy visiting place. The famous temple of Singha Bahani Devi is an special attraction. Mayerepukur, in font of the residential house of Ma-Sarada is also a visible sight


Mukutmonipur- Jhilimili circuit has became the most attractive tourist site in Bankura District The second biggest earther Dam of India, Mukutmonipur is 55Km away from Bankura District Head Quarter and situated in the confluence of river Kangsabati and Kumari. Green forest  surround the vast bluish tract of water, Hillocks are essentially a dream come here. The place is very much famous for its superb natural beauty. The undulating terrain along the southern edge of the Kangsabati Water Reservoir spreads as a  three-dimensional necklace of green and Terracotta colour. The stand-till water of the reservoir look like a large blue tinted glass mirror reflecting the  vast expanse of sky over it. The vastness  of the lake stretches as far your eye can reach. The view of the sunset with the lake on the four ground is breath taking . You must also experience the moonlit night around the reservoir . The surface of the static water turns into a shiny silvery plate gifted by God. 


Jhilimili is situated 70 Km away from Bankura Town of us beauty of an undisturbed dense  natural forest. A travel from Ranibund to Jhilimili offers a wonderful exposure  to spectacular forest of varying heights on both sides on the route, and finally reaching Jhilimili mounted on the top of a hillock. The sparkle of micaceous soil  adds to the beauty of the environment.