Bankura Sub-division






Bankura is the headquarters of the Bankura District. Bankura has gained much popularity among the tourists hailing from different places in India. Bankura sub-division has rich and colourful bouquet of widely popular tourist spots. Some of the major tourist destinations are listed below.



Place of Interest


1. Susunia Hill:

Susunia is the second highest altitude hill of Bankura. The hill runs almost 3.2 kilometres from east to west and rises to a height of 442 meters. Susunia is famous for trekking and rock climbing. The stone inscription of king Chandravarman is here and its perennial spring water is good for health.


2. Biharinath hill:

Biharinath is the highest hill of Bankura District. The height of the hill is 451 meters. Biharinath is still very rich in flora and fauna. Particularly among the wild life Hyena, Pangolin, Chameleon, Rhacophorus which are very few in number are still found here. The natural beauty of the area is very attractive.


3. Biharinath Temple:

Another popular attraction is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva at the foothills of Biharinath, popularly known as the Biharinath dham and a small tank is located at the foothill.






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