An overwhelming agro-economic base and low urbanisation and industrialiasation characterize the district of Bankura. The district is broadly divisible into two regions the alluvial plains in the east and the undulating tract to the west. Within the district and even within these regions, the villages vary not only in their geographical features but also in their physical forms and composition their economic and social life patterns. Agricultural activities and most its employment and priority is being accord to its development.

            The mines and minerals play a vital role in the economy of Bankura. Mines and minerals based ventures have already come up on the stretch of land from Bankura to Saltora. In areas like chhatna, Saltora Khatra, Ranibundh, Bankura to Indpur stretch and Raipur, Taldangra, the prospects for setting up of mines and minerals based industries are, indeed bright subject to environmental clearance.

              The blocks like Bishnupur, Sonamukhi, Patrasayer, Indus, Joypur, Kotulpur have been setting up Agriculture based Industries like, Rice and Oil Mills. There is scope for more. The climate is also conducive for food processing ventures. 

               The forest wealth of  Khatra and Ranibandh areas have always been remarkable. Various forest produce and medicinal  flora and fauna are routinely exported to neighboring districts and also outside the State. On one hand industries can be developed to extract non-edible oils and on the other different Medicinal Plants and Ayurvedic formulations can be produced here. Such development will not only generate employment opportunities for local but also accomplish the task of conservation. Apart from this, in this district large chunk of areas are having undulated alluvial sandy soil which cannot retain water. Consequently, most of these areas are either under monocrop production or lying fallow. Certain aromatic plants which require little irrigation can be grown up in this area. Moreover, new species of herbs and medicinal plants may be palnted in the vacant areas and unutilized forest lands.

              Cottage & Small Scale Industry constitutes a major segment of district's economy. It provides maximum employment opportunity next to agriculture and this accounts nearly 9 percent of district Income. There is ample scope of development in this sector with provision of modern technology and other infrastructure facilities. Effort has been taken up for the improvement designs, marketing assistance  and finance etc. specially in case of brass & bell metal craft, conch shell products, fishing hook, pottery and leather products etc. through different development agencies. New technology in Babui Rope Making and Sal leaf product have contributed and impact on the rural people of tribal areas.


Sl. No. Identified Industries

Food and Food-processing industries (Jam,Jelly, Tamato sauce, Squash, Tomato Puree, Tomato Ketch-up, Potato processing (Chips, Powder, flake, French fry), Papad,Bari, Chanachur, Dehydrated Vegetables)  

2 Textile Product (including Hosiery)  
3 Ply-wood industry and veneer mills  
4  Paper industry  
5 Particle Board  
6 Bidi making  
7 Sal-leaf plate making  
8 Processed or semi-processed drugs from medicinal plants (Bahera, Haritaki, Kalmegh, Bel,Kurchi,Arjun etc) for Ayurvedic system of medicines  
9 Rope making using babui grass  
10 Basket making using local bamboos  
11 Non-edible Oil-extraction units from Sal seeds, Neem seeds and Mohus seeds etc.  
12 Lemon grass oil  
13 Eucalyptus oil  
14 Herbal cosmetic (Shampoo, cream, spray etc.)  
15 Citronella oil  
16 Extraction of aromatic & medicinal plants (different parts)  
17 Mineral water  
18 Art Silk / man made fibre 
19 Wood and Wooden product  
20 Plastic product (based on products of Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd.)  
21 Roofing tiles / Flooring tiles  
22 Ceramic table ware / various ware  
23 Mechanical engg.  
24 Electrical machine & appliances  
25 Electronic equipments  
26 Transport and truck body building  
27 Auto parts components & ancilliary garage equp.  
28 Bye Cycle parts  
29 Sports goods  
30 Clock & Watch  
31  Mechanised Bakery  
32 Modern Rice Mill  
33   Tyre retreading  
34 Dying & printing  
35 Fly ash bricks  
36 Cement

Large & Medium Scale Units

Sl. No. Name Location Type
1 M/S Xpro Ltd. Barjora Packaging
2 M/S Bhaskar Srachi Ltd. (Under cosnt.) Barjora Steel plant
3 M/S Kangsabati Spinning Mill Barjora Synthetic Yarn
4 M/S Nilkamal Barjora Plastic Product
5 M/S Hindustan Seals Pvt. Ltd. Barjora Mosquito Coil
6 M/S Sarada Fertiliser Onda Fertiliser
7 M/S Mejhia Thermal Power Mejhia Thermal Power
8 M/S Basab Steel Bishnupur Steel Plant
9 M/S Sonamukhi CADC Co- Opt.Cold storage Sonamukhi Cold Storage
10 Times Pac Barjora Packaging
11 Sibaji Electro Steel Barjora Iron Casting
12 EMR Polytex Barjora HDPEa Oven Sacks
13 Diesel Forge Barjora Forged Steel
14 Shiva Durga Oil  Co. Barjora Rrice Bran Oil
15 Cellulose Containers Barjora Composite Container
16 Crodence Plasto Ind. Barjora Moulded TV. Cabinet
17 General Synthetics Corporation Ltd. Barjora Polyester Filament Yarn
18 Pal Cold Storage Bankura -II Cold Storage
19 Bankura Cold Storage Patrasayer Cold Storage
20 Blue Plast Extrusion Patrasayer Maltilayer Flim Product

Small Scale Industries

Sl. No. Name Location Type
1 M/S Tuff & Tube Pvt. Ltd. Barjora PVC Pipe
2 M/S Durgapur Flour Mil Barjora Wheet Flower
3 M/S Spark Exports Ltd. Barjora P.P. Cap
4 M/S Bankura Agro-Products Pvt. Ltd. Barjora Non-edible Oil
5 M/S Megacity Cement Ltd. Bishnupur Cement
6 M/S Jyothy Laboratiories Bishnupur Ultra Marine Blue
7 M/S  S.R. Dey Rice Mill Bishnupur Rice Mill
8 M/S Selex Cement Jhantipahari Slag Cement
9 M/S Kundu Cold Storage Bankura Cold Storage
10 M/S Rudranil Rice Mill Khatra Rice Mill
11 M/S Nicholson Chemical Pvt. Ltd. Saltora Ultra Merine Buld
12 M/S Nirupama Cold Storage Joypur Cold Storage
13 M/S Ganapat Ceramic Sanbandha Ceramic (Novelty item)
14 M/S Milinm Cement Product Pvt.Ltd. Patrasayer PCC Pole
15 M/S Milinum Cement Product Pvt. Ltd. Bishnupur Slag Cement
16 M/S Durgaur Ultra Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. Barjora Fly Ash bircks
17 M/S Swati Electronic Rajagram Elec. Audio Video Kits
18 M/S Silpa Shree Patpur Household H'craft
19 M/S Mim Plastic Chandmaridanga PP/HDPE Container
20 M/S Mallabum Polypacks Pvt. Ltd. Patpur PP/HDPE Container
21 M/S Mallabhum super Cement Company (Under construction) Rasulpur Cement

Future Aspects.

  The Government of West Bengal along with District Administration have selected few blocks of Bankura District as the most promising areas for setting up big & medium scale Industries. To give necessary help to the industrialists for setting up industry, the District Administration have identified detailed mouza-wise, plot number wise area available  in six blocks namely (i) Bankura-I, (ii) Bankura-II, (iii) Saltora, (iv) Gangajalghati (v) Barjora (vi) Mejia of Bankura Sub-division and (vii) Bishnupur of Bishnupur Sub-division.

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